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The traditional Vsys root directory was /usr, not only for the Minimum and the Macintosh Micro Shell, but also for the NeXT. Because it is a UNIX system, it would not have been unnatural to have used /usr/local with the NeXT. That could be done by adjusting a few built-in paths in the NeXT branches of the Vsys source, but we have chosen to keep the original paths in this distribution. Thus, the following directories are to be located in /usr.

Text files in this part of the Vsys distribution have LF line endings.
ALIB/ Libraries for the A multiprecision compiler.
ASM/ Ann Arbor Macro Assembler (AAma).
bin/ Executables.
COMP/ The A multiprecision compiler.
COMPX/ Examples of A compiler usage.
DBG/ Block object file loader and symbolic debugger, Ldo.
DIAGRAM/ Program for drawing diagrams.
doc/ Documentation.
ed/ Terminal screen editor.
edp/ Supplements.
EMUL/ Floating point emulation.
IOst/ Standard IO for various M680x0 systems.
lib/ Files used by the Vsys tool chain.
Load/ Block object file linker.
minlib/ Source for various command line utilities.
TSCHIP/ Schoonschip.

Command Files

Many Vsys command files for the NeXT are based on those for the Macintosh Micro Shell. They run without change as standard UNIX shell scripts under NeXTstep if a soft link to mv is put in the execution path with the name chnam. For example, execute the following as root:
  cd /usr/bin
  ln -s /bin/mv chnam
NeXT Vsys command files sometimes include UNIX shell comments introduced by #. These have to be removed if the files are to be used with the Macintosh Micro Shell, which does not support comments in command files.
GenVsys.s Generate the Vsys toolchain in /usr.

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