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These command line utilities typically provide usage information when executed without required arguments. More information can be found in the source files. See, for example, minlib/.
A The A multiprecision compiler.
AAma Ann Arbor Macro Assembler (AAma).
AAml Version of AAma with larger working memory.
Cmp Report differences between two files.
Das Disassembler for M68000/68020/68881.
Days Compute number of days between two dates.
Diagrad Compile figures using software fp.
Diagram Compile figures using hardware fp.
Fdif Compare two files line by line.
Flag Show flag use in files listed in Search.
Fnames Search for a list of nonalphanumeric delimited names in the files mentioned in Search.
Gkmap Read NeXT keymap into keymap.out
Ldo Block object file loader, executor, symbolic debugger.
Link Block linker.
Mfile Binary to ASCII-encoded file.
Mifile Inverse of Mfile.
Reguse Count register usage in a source file.
Schip Schoonschip.
Schip20 Schoonschip with 20 MB RAM workspace.
Skmap Remap the NeXT keyboard according to the keymap file given on the command line.
Stats Show the amount of memory required by a program in a block object file.
Strip8 Strip the eight bit of possibly binary characters in a file.
V Text editor.
Vlib Library program for block object files.

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