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../doc/Ldo_Link_Man.e Linker and loader.
../doc/adbg.help Symbolic debugger.


Standard IO for the loader and disassembler, Ldo and Das, are included by the assembler .REXT directive in Ldo.a, and Das.a, for the system specified by k=# on the AAma command line. See the two source files for the meaning of negative options, k=-#.

In debugging mode, the loader overlays debugging and disassembly functions by reading in two object files, Deb.ab and Dis.ab, assembled from Deb.a and Dis.a. For the Minimum this code may be in ROM instead. A few IO functions from IOst.a are assembled into Deb.ab by a .REXT directive in Deb.a.

Source for disassembling Apple IIGS W65816 code is not included in this distribution.

The symbolic debugger function of Ldo fails under NeXTstep 3.3 on the Previous emulator with new builds or cross builds using the source below. The other functions work as expected. Until the reason is tracked down, the working snapshot version of the Ldo executable provided in ../bin/ should be used to run the debugger. It works with command line windows having 40 rows and 80 columns. The NeXT debugger screen size is set in Deb.a by the following lines:

    scsize: .BYTE 40,80,0,0,0,0     ;screen size.
Ldo.a Block object file loader, executor, symbolic debugger.
Das.a Disassembler for M68000/68020/68881.

Debugger and disassembler subroutines used by Ldo. Dis.a is also loaded by Das.a.

Command Files

Shell syntax and command names in the following scripts are NeXT specific. A c suffix indicates a cross build using Ldo.
Ldo15.s Ldo15 executable and Deb15.ab, Dis15.ab object file overlays for NeXT.
Ldo14c.s Ldo14c, Deb14.ab, and Dis14.ab for Macintosh.
Ldo15c.s Ldo15c, Deb15.ab, and Dis15.ab for NeXT.
Das15.s Das15 executable for NeXT.
Das14c.s Das14c for Macintosh.
Das15c.s Das15c for NeXT.

Legacy Command Files

The following scripts are included for reference only. They do not run on all systems without shell syntax and command name adjustment, and the path /usr/AMIGA/ used in NAM.s does not occur in any of the system branches in this distribution.
NL.s Ldo for NeXT.
NE.s Deb.ab for specified system.
ND.s Dis.ab for specified system.
NAM.s Ldo.y, Deb.ab, and Dis.ab for Amiga.

Sample Debugger Screen


Das Example

Schipmem.e Patches to change the limit on the size of the NeXT Schoonschip RAM workspace.

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