Command Files

NML.s Link9 executable for Macintosh (dnw). Used to build the Link executable in ../bin.
ML.s /usr/MAC/Link9 executable for Macintosh.
NELY.s Linker object file to be used with Ldo for debugging or cross building, for systems that use Arch9.a.
AM.s Link.y for Amiga, 68000 code only.
MK.s Link9.y for Minimum for debugging or cross building.
NELM.s /usr/sys/Link.y for Minimum ROM system.
NEL.s Link9 executable for Minimum.
NELY12.s Link12.y for Motorola Unix. Use k=12, or k=-12 for debugging or cross building.
NNL.s Link_n cross built executable for NeXT. Uses Link15.y made with "NELY.s 15".
TORCH.s Link_t cross built executable for Torch.

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