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Under Construction NOTICE: Until this notice disappears, this webpage and the files to which it links will change without warning.  –dnw, July 8, 2015


Of the directories below, at least lib and IOst should be located in a top level Atari usr directory, such as c:\usr; and it is traditional to locate them all there. The bin directory should be added to the execution path. Various Vsys applications refer internally to /usr. The current Vsys standard IO interface for the Atari translates unix-style fully qualified paths such as /usr/IOst/IOst.a into Atari-style paths \usr\IOst\IOst.a, and the Hatari emulator with EmuTOS 1.1.1 seems happy with that.

We have used the Okami-Shell with the following lines in its PROFILE file:

    cd $HOME
    # Environment for Vsys
It handles unix-style, fully qualifed or relative paths on the command line and in shell scripts, and executes shell scripts with .s filename extensions.

Text files in this part of the Vsys distribution have CRLF line endings.
ALIB/ Libraries for the A multiprecision compiler.
ASM/ Ann Arbor Macro Assembler (AAma).
bin/ Executables.
COMP/ The A multiprecision compiler.
COMPX/ Examples of A compiler usage.
DBG/ Block object file loader and symbolic debugger, Ldo.
DIAGRAM/ Program for drawing diagrams.
doc/ Documentation.
ed/ Terminal screen editor.
edp/ Supplements.
EMUL/ Floating point emulation.
IOst/ Standard IO for various M680x0 systems.
lib/ Files used by the Vsys toolchain.
Load/ Block object file linker.
minlib/ Source for various command line utilities.
TSCHIP/ Schoonschip.
util/ Source for more command line utilities, including earlier versions of a few in minlib/.

Command Files

GenVsys.s Generate the Vsys toolchain in a standard Vsys tree.

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